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The Nukufilm O is the biggest puppetanimation studio in Northern Europe for its size of the studio, technical supplies and number of employees.
Studio "Nukufilm" dates back to 1957, when cinema enthusiast Elbert Tuganov shot the first animation film "Peetrikese unengu" ("Little Peter's Dream"). His "Metsamuinasjutt" ("Forest Fairytale") (1960) and "Ott Kosmoses" ("Ott in Space") (1961) were the first to be internationally acknowledged.

The "Nukufilm" has produced over 200 different animations and cartoons during its 45 years. Represented are all fields of animation (Puppet, cartoon, pixillation, computer and cut-out animation.

Despite of the USSR constant government censor, though financed by State of USSR, the international film festivals took even more interest towards the "Nukufilm".

Even though Estonia became independent in 1992 and the "Nukufilm" changed from a state company into a private company, it has not interfered the constant production of films. Awards from international film festivals (i.e. Zagreb, Tampere, Annecy, Ottawa, Leipzig etc.) have brought the "Nukufilm" in front of the foreign producers. Norwegian and Finnish animation schools consider Estonian animators as high professionals who are asked to lecture in their universities. Foreign universities and companies from Finland, Norway, Sweden, England and USA send their students and animators to Estonia as to study and practice.
The studio "Nukufilm" has several long-term co-productions with companies from Finland, Island, Norway and also with local and foreign commercial companies (France and Japan).
The co-projects' success among audience has proved that Estonian film directors are professionals who are able to work in different film areas. The newcomers of the last decade have brought new ideas and technical approaches to our field of animation. We are proud that our Studio is able to produce 90 minutes of pure animation per year.

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In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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