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Riho Unt

Born 15. 05. 1956 in Harju Country, Estonia.

Professional experience:
1991 Filmstudio Nukufilm: director and designer
1998 - Estonian Academy of Arts: lecturer
1982 - 1991 Filmstudio Tallinnfilm: director and designer

1979 - 1982 Estonian State Institute of Arts
Department of Interior Designer (Diploma)
1977 - 1979 Tallinn Pedagogical University

Pedagogical activities:
1998 - Estonian Academy of Arts
Department of Scenography
Dotsent (equals to B.A)
1998 - Animation Course of Helsinki, Finland
1993 - University of Fine Arts of Turu, Finland
Design and Proportions of 3-dimensional animation

2001 Guf directed by Jelena Girina
2001 The Letters by Dagmar Kase
2000 lemiste vanake dircted by Ene Jakobi
2000 The Mushrooms Story directed by Martin Mikson
2000 The Eye directed by Jaagup Roomet
1999 "Boolero" directed by Liina Unt
1999 "Juzhni Briz" (Southern) directed by Margit Lillak

Animation workshops:
1998 Helsinki "Sininen Verstas", Finland
( 2- 3 minute animations)
1998 International Film Project of Prnu " Estonia, Italy, Finland"
1989 Volda Filmschool, Norway
(Short Course of 3-dimensional animation)

International Projects:
1996 Animation : "Urpo and Turpo" ( with Liisa Helmis) author and art director
1989 Animation: "Animated Selfportraits" (Co-project with animators from USA, Poland, Japan Estonia)
1988 Animation: "Human Rights" (Dedicated to human rights. Co-work with animators from 20 different countries).
(Idea, directing and design)

1988 Group Exhibition: "Tallinnfilmi Srrealistid" in Finland
1987 Jubilee Exhibition of Estonian Animation Film in House of Arts in Tallinn
1986 Group Exhibition: "Tallinnfilmi Srrealistid" in Tallinn Tantsutare
1985 Exhibition of Engravings in Tallinn Cinema House (with Hardi Volmer)
1982 - 1988 Exhibitions of Caricatures in Tallinn, Vilnius (Lithuania) and Fredrikstad (Norway)

Stage Design:
Tallinn Drama Theartre
1995 " VAT"
1993 "Master" by D. Churchill
1986 "Paunvere" by O. Luts

Professional activities:
2002 Member of international jury at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival
2002 Personal Film Retrospective, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France
2001 Personal Film Retrospective, Helsinki, Finland
2001 Estonian Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary
2001 Personal Film Retrospective, Melbourne International Filmfestival, Australia
1999 Estonian House in New York, USA
(Personal Film Retrospective)
1996 "High Definition Television" broadcast in Japan TV, Tokyo, Japan
(Overview of Estonian Animation)

1992 Feature film: "Lammas all, paremas nurgas" ("Lamb Down in the Right Corner") Art director
1983 Animation: "Slm" ("Knot") art director


| 2018 | Adventure film | colour |

Kaspar Jancis, co-directors: Henry Nicholson, Riho Unt
All at sea in a shoe. A young boy learns to take control over his life when he is shrunk to the size of an insect and has to sail his own toy boat through a flooded caf. Morten has to be shrunk ...
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Mary and the 7 Dwarfs

| 2017 | Author film | colour |

Riho Unt
Having spent her whole life inside the nunnery, an old and dignified nun Maria has determined to fulfill her youth fantasy. The only problem there seems to be her incomplete, almost non-existent memor ...
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| 2017 | Childrens film | colour |

Riho Unt, Sergei Kibus
Miriams family is outing by the lake. After a long and tiring day the whole family is resting in the tent, only Hen cant sleep. She goes out for a walk. She hears a lot of frigtning night sounds and ...
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The Master

| 2015 | Author film | stereo | colour |

Riho Unt
A dog Popi and a monkey Huhuu are waiting for their Master to come home and one day he is just not coming any more... From this particular day there starts their mutual life. Popi, being actually smar ...
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| 2013 | Childrens film | colour |

Riho Unt
The hen enjoys playing around with kites. When Miriam has no more time for it, the hen convinces the little brother to go along. But the kite is too big for little brother and it flies him up to a t ...
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Happy Birthday!

| 2012 | Author film | stereo | colour |

Riho Unt
Happy Birthday is an outlook vision about the duel between the bible hero Jesus and a man-made robot. Does the robot manage to break the formed dogmas and convert the religion into his favour or wil ...
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| 2008 | Author film | stereo | colour |

Riho Unt
There is a mortally wounded young soldier in a crater and a bunch of hungry rats from the battlefield try to find an answer to the question "Who is Lily Marleen?", is it a memory picture of the first ...
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| 2007 | Author film | stereo | colour |

Riho Unt
With the help of Prguneitsi, the mythological virgin of hell, a young man saves the world. When he later comes ot understand that hes has not shanged anybody's attitude, he leads the world to ruin ag ...
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| 2006 | stereo | colour |

Riho Unt
Miriams parents are not at home. She, her little brother and the Hen are watching swimming ducks on TV. As the Hen becomes jealous, Miriam decides to bathe it in the bathtube. This triggers a dangero ...
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| 2006 | Childrens film | stereo |

Riho Unt
Envy goes before a fall! Up a tree, on a nestbox there is a starling trilling to Miriam. This is spotted by Hen, sitting tediously on a window-ledge. As Father has just finshed making a scooter for t ...
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| 2005 | Adventure film | colour |

Riho Unt
The heroes of the film are three bear cubs from the cult painting by Ivan Shishkin Morning in a Pine Forest. Have lost their painter mom the three brothers Henry, Vincent and August happen to appear ...
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| 2002 | Childrens film | stereo | colour |

Riho Unt
Based on the short story Living Dolls by estonian writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare. Having Soul is the story of a little boy and his big dream toy soldiers with souls, who would close their eyes, ...
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| 2002 | Author film | stereo | colour |

Julia Pihlak , Riho Unt
A story about a young man who in an absurd situation insists on remaining a human being as if he still belived in happy solutions ...
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| 2000 | stereo | colour | 1:1,37 |

Riho Unt
This is the part of the puppet film trilogy "Gabbage Head", which main character is stubborn and selfish peasant Saamuel and his loyal partner - Pink Piglet. This film trilogy, carried out in classica ...
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| 1998 | stereo | colour |

Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer
PRIMAVERA is a three dimensional family film featuring puppets that work in the so called telescope system which tries with the help of stylised images to visually depict the great variety existing in ...
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| 1997 | mono | colour | 1:1,37 |

Riho Unt
The film Back to Europe is a parody of the classic adventure film genre. The main character of the film ,farmer Saamuel , has just become free from the Soviet Union and is in no hurry to join th ...
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| 1997 | Childrens film | mono | colour | 7 |

Riho Unt, Liisa Helminen
no synopsis ...
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| 1994 | mono | colour | 1 reel; 1:1,37 |

Hardi Volmer, Riho Unt
Two lonely personages from completely different worlds meet and become close. A live bird in a cage and a metal-and-wood cuckoo from a clock are the creatures through which local cultural identities a ...
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| 1993 | mono | colour | 3 reels/ 820m |

Riho Unt
It is a parody of a classical action film. The sequense of events is launched by a huge cabbage head growing on a plot land that belongs to a poor peasant estonian woman. This super-cabbage attracts a ...
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| 1990 | mono | colour | 1 reel / 265m |

Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer
It is a political parody film agains totalitarian system of violence, about the careless game of power that has been played with the world and peoples. The film creates a model situation in which a lu ...
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KOOLILOOD/ Geograafia tund

| 1990 | Childrens film | mono | colour | 1rull /250 m |

Riho Unt
no synopsis ...
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| 1989 | Comission work | mono | colour | 0,5 reel |

Riho Unt
no synopsis ...
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| 1987 | mono | colour | 2 reels / 481,2m |

Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer
The protagonist of the film is the Bat living in an old mill and fighting rats and crows. Its the war fought by disproportioned forces, where the battle is won by cleverness, skill and cunning. Somew ...
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| 1986 | Author film | mono | colour | 1 reel / 206,6m |

Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer
A parable examining questions of ethics in human relationships based on the miniature "The Fly, the Cockroach and the Spider" written by Anton Hansen Tammsaare. ...
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| 1985 | mono | colour | 1 reel / 272,2m |

Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer
A fairytale about the awkward Kohmits who frees his people from an evil spell. Based on the motivs from a Chukchee fairytale. ...
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| 1984 | Childrens film | mono | colour | 1 reel/271,6 m |

Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer
A story of two toys a doll and a goose, who quit the shop at a Christmas night and begin their journey to them whom they are determined to children. A family who, at the beginning of the story giv ...
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  Film Workshop
In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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